Apariciones / Erscheinungen / Apparitions
written and directed by Maria Luz Olivares Capelle

23‘ 18“
16mm, 35mm, handmade footage on the basis of paper and acetate, HD
Formats: DCP, BlueRay, DVD
Language: Spanisch
Subtitles: Deutsch, Englisch
Release Date: 2014

There is no „Found-Footage“ in this film, each image sequence is filmed specially for this film.

This short film uses a variety of different mechanical, chemical and digital techniques. It was partially filmed with quite „normal“ film cameras such as the Bolex and ARRI Alexa. However, in the animation scenes several different photo cameras were used: a Canon 50D for instance, which was fitted with a self-made telephoto lens made of cardboard; a cardboard pinhole camera; a large-format Sinar camera 4x5 inches and a small-format reflex cameras Nikon FM and Canon 5D. In addition, various chemical film emulsions were used for the film. It is filmed partially in color, but also in black & white. For this, the following materials were used:
- a 16mm color film
- a 35mm self-developed 35mm reversal film
- even coated and developed large format photos on watercolor paper
- a handmade photosensitive emulsion for hand-made, -cut, -coated and -developed large-format-photos on acetate and PVC.
This light-sensitive emulsion was developed within 9 months in collaboration with Almut Schilling, restorer of contemporary art, and was produced from the combination of new materials and old photochemical recipes.